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Watch a Jack Russell Terrier Set a Table, Go Grocery Shopping

Watch a Jack Russell Terrier Set a Table, Go Grocery Shopping

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Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier might just be our favorite dog ever; not only can he wake us up, but he can ground our coffee beans, set our table, get the mail, and pick up our recycling. He's practically as talented as Oscar-bait Uggie.

In a viral YouTube series called Useful Dog Tricks, we see the pup running around, making breakfast for his trainer, picking up bowls and plates, cleaning up spills, and even vacuuming and dusting. As for grocery shopping, he picks up dropped items, carries a small basket around, and pushes (empty) carts back in place, all with a smile on his face. Why can't all puppies be this adorable?

Watch the shenanigans below, then head over to Useful Dog Tricks 2 to see Jesse make tea, and number one to see him work the dishwasher. Come to think of it, Jesse probably knows the "Beer Me" trick, too. Learning to work a coffee machine is, however, much more impressive.

Watch the video: Jack Russell Terrier Waiting for Mom (July 2022).


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