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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

How to cook soy

There are many recipes for cooking soy, which we now find in many forms.

In the shoots, that much are good for your health, or in dehydrated soy chunks, which are often used by vegetarians to add nutrients to their diet.

Finally, there are tofu, soy cheeses with a very delicate flavor, to be spread on bread or mixed with other ingredients and used as a condiment for pasta, whether of durum wheat or vermicelli.

Here are several recipes for the different soy-based ingredients.

The types of soy and the differences

Exist different types of soy. This legume, which has played a very important role in nutrition for 5,000 years, is available in numerous varieties:

  • yellow
    . The most common and easily available, even in any supermarket. It can be eaten in the form of burger, tofu, sauces and temphet. In addition, a considerable amount of food and drink (for example, vegetable milk, ice cream, yogurt and miso), which will make your menu more varied and which will also appeal to children *. You can also consume yellow soy in its natural state. Leave it for 24 hours to soak in cold water and then boil it in a pot
  • Black. It is a widely used product in China, it is rarely brought to the table outside the production areas
  • green. Actually his name is mung bean. It is used to prepare tasty soups, creams and sauces. Furthermore, its particular consistency allows it to be processed and transformed into flour to replace the 00 variant Flour it can be used to make soy meat, a vegetarian version
  • red. Although it is described as a variety of soy, it is a nickname for the azuki beans.

Almond chicken with soy sauce

Put a tablespoon of seed oil in a non-stick pan and toss the peeled almonds into it to toast and brown. Cut the chicken breasts into small cubes and roll them in flour. Finely chop the onion for 10-15 minutes. Add the chicken cubes and fry them over low heat for about 20 minutes, turning them from time to time, blending with the white wine.

Five minutes before the end of cooking the chicken, add the soy sauce and stir while waiting for the classic hazelnut sauce to form. At this point add the toasted almonds, mix very well so as to sprinkle the almonds all over the pan and immediately serve your chicken with almonds.

Oriental soy spaghetti recipe - The Recipes of

Recipes. Sautéed Soy Noodles with Vegetables. In this recipe we see how to prepare Soy noodles with vegetables. Skip the soy noodles with chicken and vegetables for a few minutes and serve adding a little more soy sauce. GnamGnam recipes by Elena Amatucci. Ingredients: 100g of soy spaghetti 100g of natural salmon 60g of steamed soy beans 1/2 white onion Soy sauce Chives ..

Recipe Soy spaghetti with vegetables and shrimps - The Recipes of.

The soy noodles go perfectly with crunchy vegetables because the contrast of the crunchy vegetables and the softness of the spaghetti are. Soy noodles with vegetables and shrimp are a typical dish of Asian and Chinese cuisine. Simple recipe and for cooking Chinese noodles. The recipe for soy noodles with chicken and vegetables is delicious and quite simple to make. Soy noodles are cooked and seasoned with crunchy. Soy Noodles with Shrimp and Vegetables Recipe: First put the soy noodles to soak in a bowl with cold water. Clean the vegetables. Soy noodle recipes, Soy noodle recipe list, Soy noodle recipes with step by step photos, Soy noodle dishes. Soy noodles recipes Soybeans recipes Soy burgers Soy noodles with vegetables Crepes basic recipe Pizza base Tart base Dinner based.

Soy noodles with chicken and vegetables The recipes of La Cucina Imperfetta

Soy Spaghetti Soy Spaghetti, rich in vegetables and flavored with a soy sauce, are also suitable for those who are following a diet, but they are. Sautéed soy noodles with vegetables: here's how. P1120104 Sautéed soy noodles with vegetables. recipes. ARRIVING. The best man clothes. So, today I propose you a very tasty dish of Chinese cuisine, soy noodles with shrimps. 5 vegetarian recipes to prepare with the wok.

Recipe: Grilled Soy Noodles - Cooking Guides - Recipes.

Homemade Soybean Paste Similar Recipes - Basic Soybean Paste Recipe. Many of us love soy noodles, typical of oriental cultures. I am looking for a recipe for the original soy noodles with vegetables (the ones you can taste at the Chinese restaurant), as long as it is not a secret. Vegetable soy spaghetti: a light and vegetarian recipe, ready in no time. Recipes with soy noodles. Soy noodles are generally used in oriental recipes, where we basically find two cooking schools :. Today oriental flavors with a delicious recipe, soy spaghetti with vegetables and eggs, a very good first course to enjoy with relatives and friends. The recipe. Soy Spaghetti with Vegetables and Shrimps by Benedetta Parodi. Video and Printable written recipe from I Menu di Benedetta - Very Good with ingredients and procedure for.

A world of recipes

soy morsels - recipes -

300 g of dehydrated soy morsels
300g of potatoes
250 g of peas
250 g of cherry tomatoes
2 spring onions
1 clove of garlic
1 carrot
1 stick of celery
2 sprigs of rosemary
1.5 dl of dry white wine
gluten-free vegetable broth
extra virgin olive oil

dip the soy morsels in the boiling broth and cook for about 20 minutes or according to the time indicated on the package, drain and cut into pieces of about 3 cm
dip the peas in abundant salted boiling water and cook for 4 - 5 minutes then drain and pass them under running cold water peel the potatoes cut into small pieces and rinse them
brown the spring onions in the saucepan the carrot the celery and the garlic cleaned and chopped with 4 tablespoons of oil and a sprig of rosemary for 2 -3 minutes add the soy cubes and let them flavor then sprinkle with 1.5 dl of wine and leave evaporate over medium heat
add the potatoes, peas and a ladle of hot broth, lower the heat and continue cooking for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally and adding more broth if needed
add the peas and cherry tomatoes in the pot and continue cooking again and continue cooking if the sauce is too soupy, raise the heat in the last few minutes, serve decorating with sprigs of rosemary

Cooking recipes

& # 187 Soy Sauce Recipes - Misya's Cooking Recipes
Search results for recipes with soy sauce. I usually make a very tasty chicken salad with the addition of potatoes and mayonnaise,. details

Vegan recipes and easy preparations (simple vegan dishes)
The pesto recipe is on this same page. Vegetable mayonnaise can be bought packaged, or made at home with soy milk, a pinch of. details

Simply, Vera .: Soy mayonnaise
17 Feb 2007. how good mayonnaise. we usually make it with soy cream instead of soy milk .. even more. Comments. Cooking recipes . details

Sauces and Toppings: Kitchen cooking sauce and seasoning recipes
You may also be wrong to write sauces and toppings recipes, sauces recipes,. Ricotta and curry mayonnaise & middot Soy mayonnaise & middot Soy mayonnaise 2. all lovers of sauces cooking recipes who try their hand at culinary. . details


My collection!

It will end on
April 5, 2009
email me the link of your recipe with soy in all its forms!
* already published recipes also apply!
[email protected]

Thanks in advance to all those who will participate.
I really wanted to collect these recipes because soy is difficult to use in the kitchen, but it is very healthy and is an excellent alternative.

I participate with the following recipe, I leave it to you as an example of how yours will look.

Alessandra's baby food

If you like it I'd like to add the photo of the recipe that you will send me, after your authorization of course, because in this way we will have a nicer collection to consult)


What a beautiful collection !! Is soy sauce valid too? Because I only use that. But come on, maybe tonight I'll buy the sprouts and see what to do with them. unfortunately I don't like the milk-ice-cream-soy pudding. kisses

but really very special as a collection !!
we can really indulge ourselves.
I wrote you an email, tell me what you think)

Hi Laura. Sure, soy sauce applies too.
For the similgelato as you call it I understand you. You have to love the taste of soy. it is VEGETABLE.
Then for you with the milk of the cow Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Thank you dear! I answered you in real time!

Alessà. I would love to participate .. calculating that everything I cook with milk is sweets, first courses, main courses, etc. .. is it with soy milk or soy cream .. that I put 100 recipes? helpoo

Bye! Pleased to meet you. I like this initiative of yours. I know that I will participate! I start leafing through my vegan cookbooks and they are yours.

Good Ale. I try to come up with something, even if I'm not a lover of soy.

You girls don't run away from me, I'm waiting for you.

I wrote to you, 6 the first, thank you very much. How wonderful!

I wait for you dear, you are welcome, join us.

Hi alessandra you can post both the photo and the link of my recipe there are no problems.

Done. Thanks, dear. I delete your link here so it remains secret until posting)

I like this collected Ale! I am committed to finding soy and making something!
I've never cooked with soy and this is a great occasion to try

Thank you so much Elle. You do me immense pleasure.

Hello Ale .. I have now read in my blog .. you can easily take all the photos you want, both for the collection and for any other reason :-) A big hug!

Done !! I delete the posts so then we amaze everyone with our healthy recipes :)

Hello Ale!
Yes, OK! It's okay with me if you want to add my recipe to your collection! So soy sauce is also worth it.
AH. I did not understand!
Anyway I hope that within the next month I will be able to prepare something better where soy is more "protagonist".

hello, I came to your blog from biancorossogapan. congratulations, it's a cute blog! I love to cook and I am very intrigued by Japan and everything related to it. and I love to try new foods. congratulations again and, if you like, come and visit me on my blog (even if lately I don't have much time to update it, but as soon as I do, I'll link to you)!

I love this collection! Soy is a healthy food, which I really like, and in all its forms. I would also like to participate: now I look a little among my recipes. hello, and a big kiss! :-D

Wowww! what a beautiful collection. I will participate for sure! See you soon!

Bye! I would be interested in participating in this collection, but I have a small question: can we use tofu or anyway foods derived from soy but which have already undergone a first processing?
Thanks in advance!

Bravisssima. That's right, anything derived from soy is worth !!
All right, I will wait for you. )

Of course I participate! I have marked the deadline, I hope not to pass it because it has already happened to me with other collections to arrive late! In this case, if you want, you can remind me of the commitment a few days before the deadline! I am recently approaching the various vegetable alternatives for my diet and I must say that I was pleasantly satisfied! Moreover, it is a way to taste different flavors and try new products, which in the kitchen can help as a stimulus to the imagination! I really like your collection very much, I think an alternative and great cookbook will come out!

I can also participate with the lasagna with soy sauce, right? Kisses

Hi, nice, I'm Birch you have a beautiful blog. I will undertake to make a recipe for your collection. for me it will be the first time ke participate. so I'll start looking for something right away. bye Bye

Hello. did you get my msg from you? :)

ROMY & amp MAYA:
Thank you !! and I wait for you.

I'll remember it a few days earlier then.

Even with 100 recipes you can participate dear. I withdraw and insert immediately !!

Thank you. I'll wait for you then!!

I sent you the email with the link. but when in doubt I'll stick here the link D.

I am happy with this collection and I could already participate with a sweet recipe that I made for a friend who is allergic to cow's milk, using milk and soy cream and which came to me particularly good. but I don't like the photo. I'll see! I like soy sauce, sprouts, milk (not to drink alone!), Cream. But once I did the yellow one and I didn't like it. this is why this collection will be important, to make the best use of it.

pedro is eating it next to me: D
as for normal baked pasta, the next day it tastes better!

take text and photos, gladly!

BEAUTIFUL IDEA FOR A COLLECTION, congratulations! I gladly participate, also because it is the first!

Thank you. You did well, you never know !!

thank you and welcome! It's hard to be GLADING for soy, but I realize it's good for you and it's an excellent alternative. I look forward to seeing you.

really it is I who have to thank you for your beautiful recipe.

) I sent you an e-mail.
Good night!

done )
Received the email.

There was a time when I gave up on meat and diverted my attention to soy, tofu, and other substitutes. for now I leave you only a recipe based on soy sauce, if I can convince my boyfriend I hope to be able to give you something else for your collection !!

And if I left you the link it would be easier.

uhm. being allergic to all dairy products that overlook the earth I replaced everything with soy. I think I'll put back an old recipe. because even allergic gourmands can have five minutes of enjoyment.

. I'll put you the link here for my recipe. the photos unfortunately did not come out very well, but take it well, with pleasure!

I wait to see all the recipes together. and then try them!

hello the recipe I managed to make it if you want to see it in my blog. but now prevented as I am nn remember how to write the link. now I try again. if not, I'll ask you for a car. Thank you. Hello. Hello


ahahaha. Thanks for the link. In fact it is easier with the link: D

Thank you. I enter immediately!

Not true, I like the photos, and you will see what a beautiful collection. (April 5)

I'll pass by you, don't worry dear

Here I am. it was difficult to choose which recipes with because I only cook with milk or soy cream. but in the end I chose these:

Then on Saturday I have a sweet / experiment with soy in anticipation .. if it will be good I will let you know .. kisses

Thanks. They are great :) how can I thank you))))))).

Hi Ale, I want to participate too! I leave you the link here and also take the photo and the recipe from my blog.
Big kisses

Bye! I have not forgotten the collection, in fact I would just have two recipes ready for you. but I would wait a moment because I have another little thing in mind and I prefer to send you everything together!
I wanted to ask you, when everything is ready I can publish the recipes on the blog as well as send them to you by email, right?
If I have other doubts, I will contact you.
A greeting!

Manu, I didn't expect it. It gives me enormous pleasure to have you in the collection.
Thanks and you have already given me the authorization.

Of course you can post it on the darling blog. Even before harvest, IT'S YOURS.
Hello !! let me know)

Hi Alessandra, I'm happy to meet you.
I was at Claudia's "My Ricettarium" and I saw the logo of your collection, so with pleasure, I thought I'd participate.
Would you take a look? Tell me if it's okay.
Kisses and see you soon! :-)

Here I am! I told you about my experiment on Saturday right? very successful. I also participate with this if I can .. kisses.

Hi dear! I have another meal to propose:
A big kiss, have a good day!

Done. I found the right recipe, even if this time the photo is not the best. But it came out very good and so I send it to you so I also participate in your competition. The title of the recipe is "Soy stew with carrots and sesame seeds" and can be found at html.
See you soon Stefania

Hi girls, thank you, I saved them, as soon as I have time I insert them.
See you soon belle, thanks to all of you.

Hello dear Ale. -)
I still have a recipe -)

Aleeee. I have another recipe.
If I'm exaggerating tell me.
What can you do! Soy is an ingredient that I use a lot!
Kisses :-)

Hello. Although at the last second, I just posted two recipes for you! You can find them on my blog at the following links:

How to cook soy

When the soy is fresh (edamame) it can be quickly cooked in water with the whole pod, a little like our fresh green beans or peas, toasted, passed in salt and eaten as a snack and in salads. If you are a lover of oriental cuisine you will have tasted Edamame and you will know what we are talking about.

There dry soy, on the other hand, it is hard and, like all legumes, it must be soaked for at least 24 hours to then have a perfect cooking. After soaking, the soy is rinsed and simply brought to a boil over low heat until it reaches the right consistency (about 1-2 hours). You can add salt during cooking or at the end depending on your taste and you can season it with fresh vegetables, cooked or combined with dishes of all kinds. Blended with an immersion blender, soy becomes excellent for making purees and soy soups, while as a legume it can be used in different recipes.


Today's recipe comes from one of my many experiments in the kitchen, in fact I tried to cook tofu in a slightly different way trying to give it a tasty flavor. Tofu is a food rich in proteins and vitamins but its natural flavor is not very pleasant in my opinion and for this reason it must be accompanied or seasoned with something.
Today I cooked my tofu in a pan after marinating it with soy sauce and spices !! Since soy sauce is included in the recipe, you won't need to add any more salt to the recipe.
In just a few steps you will be able to obtain a healthy and tasty dish. The secret of the recipe is to let the tofu macerate together with the soy sauce and spices so that it gets a good flavor. As for the spices, I used black pepper, a mix of mixed spices and a teaspoon of kombu seaweed & # 8230quest & # 8217 last is native to Japan but also grown in Brittany and is a food rich in minerals and vitamins. You can choose the spices you love the most (eg oregano, garlic, chilli).

Here are the steps to make a delicious tofu in a pan with soy sauce.

Video: SOJA - She Still Loves Me ft. Collie Buddz (July 2022).


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