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Fruit cake

Fruit cake

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First make the mousseline cream (which is a pastry cream in which butter is added).

First mix the solid ingredients (sugar and food starch) and then add the four egg yolks. Mix these ingredients and then add the milk, little by little. After the sugar has dissolved, add the seeds from the vanilla pod and put the pan in a bain-marie over medium heat. Stir constantly until the composition thickens well. Then remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool. From time to time, mix in the pastry cream, so that no lumps form, and when it has cooled down enough, add the butter and mix well.

For the cream, mix the cold sour cream and gradually incorporate the powdered sugar and vanilla.

Prepare the fruits (wash, slice ...)

Grease the pan in which the cake will be made with a little pastry cream and then put the first layer of champagne biscuits. Grease the first layer of biscuits with mousseline cream and put a first layer of: blueberries, apricot and strawberry slices.

Continue with the second layer of biscuits, greased with a little cream on the side that will overlap, then put the second layer of mousseline cream and then fruit.

Put the third layer of biscuits, which is decorated with cream.

Decorate the cake with different fruits and mint leaves, then let it cool for 2-3 hours before serving. Until it is finished, keep the cake in the fridge so that it does not deteriorate in the heat.

I still have mousseline cream and whipped cream, so whoever wants, can make a bigger cake.


The mousseline cream is prepared in a bain-marie and is constantly mixed in it, until it thickens well, so that no lumps form and do not stick to the bowl.


After taking the cream from the bain-marie, stir in it from time to time, so that no lumps form.


Add the butter (over 80% fat!) Only after the cream has cooled well.


The cream is made from cold cream, mixed with powdered sugar, gradually added.


Grease the tray in which you will make the cake with a thin start of cream, so that the biscuits adhere well, not to slip.


The biscuits in the second and third layers must be greased with a little cream on the overlapping side, also for a perfect adhesion.


The fruits used must be washed well and drained beforehand. So are mint leaves.

Tag: roinita

Vanilla and roinita cake

  • Servings: 5
  • Duration: 30 mins
  • Difficulty: easy


  • 250 g raw cashews that can be found here
  • 50 g natural sweetener raw or to taste
  • 50 g raw coconut butter
  • natural vanilla essence
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 100 ml of filtered water
  • Fruits for interior and finish:
    • 3-4 leaves of roinita
    • frozen strawberries
    • Red currant
    • roinita leaves

    All the ingredients are processed in a blender, until they become a paste, like sour cream. It is ideal not to leave traces of cashews but to be a fine and delicate cream. In the cream obtained, add frozen fruits and finely chopped rosemary leaves. Place in the freezer for half an hour or until the cake is partially frozen.

    Consumption and storage:

    Ideally, it should be consumed as soon as possible, but for example, if you can't consume everything, you can keep it in the freezer for a week. Immediately after thawing, which can take up to 10-15 minutes, it can be consumed. The cake will keep its shape without problems.

    Specification 1:

    If you use raw cashews for whipped cream, then leave it to soak for 5-6 hours. left in boiled water beforehand, so that the peel can be removed more easily. I even prefer to soak some nuts or raw seeds in large quantities and then dry them at 40C in the dehydrator, especially when I need flour or pulp from vegetable milk, cashews or almonds, a I dry it in a dehydrator and then use it as walnut flour.

    Specification 2:

    I have often been asked why I do not give an exact time for freezing. Unfortunately, I can't know what freezer you have and it all depends on how it is set. A raw cake can be ready in half an hour or in two hours, the interval differs from freezer to freezer. We have two refrigerators and can see the difference between them. In one we can digitally set the temperature and immediately freeze a raw cake, and in another it is with an analog wheel, as in any refrigerator and in it, the same cake partially freezes in 2 hours.

    Cherry mousse with mascarpone

    Chocolate cake with cherry mousse & # 8211 a sweet-sour cake with. Rating: 5 & # 8211 13 votes & # 8211 1 hour 20 min. I thought maybe the recipe for the mascarpone and cherry cake cream that I used for the cocoa top spiral cake could be useful to someone.

    Vanilla cream cake, cherry mousse and. Dear friends, today I present you an absolutely delicious cake made of figs, chocolate and cherry mousse. For cherry mousse: 200 g pitted cherries from compote 200 ml cherry compote 3 tablespoons sugar 200 ml liquid cream 8 sheets of gelatin.

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